About Us

Girlfriends4life.com is a wonderful community of women that is comprised of varied nationalities, walks of life and social statuses. Our culture is one of positivity, synergy and goodwill. We have a combined community effort to uplift, encourage and support one another, despite ones background, level of education or economic status. These efforts are aimed to change, reverse or improve upon both our personal and professional lives.

These efforts come in the form of sisterly advice, encouraging stories of inspiration, music to boost your spirits, a place to showcase yourself or your business, comedic relief and much so more; Because our community is varied in national origin, our modern functionality allows for the language barriers to be of no consequence.

Girlfriends4life can also serve as a daily solace, lifeline and outlet for every girlfriend member in order to help minimize some of life’s everyday stresses.

With the popular opinion that strong female friendships can be somewhat difficult to come by (yet desired by many), Jacqueline believed that creating a space for women to be able to identify with one another would open up to an entirely new perspective on the importance of solid female friendships, why we need them and how this sisterly connection can positively affect our individual lives.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to give women the tools and resources necessary, in order to live productive, purpose-filled and healthy life-styles for the benefit of themselves and their families.  Girlfriends4life.com was ultimately designed to bring about awareness and change in the lives and relationships of women.


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