Jacqueline Pennix

Girlfriends4life Network, Inc.

Founder | CEO


My name is Jacqueline Pennix and I am the Founder of Girlfriends4life Network, Inc. and I am the Mother of 3 wonderful children. I am also a woman of great faith in God and one who shares some of the same wants and needs as many of you.

Ever since I was a very young woman, I had often found myself wanting other women to talk to for different points of view, advice on those everyday topics of love, life & friendship and not to mention a refreshing outlet where I could share laughter, find solace and perhaps a confidant.

Although the desire for such friendships did exist, I was not always welcomed with open arms. Some of my experiences had been quite challenging. However, as time moved on, I came to develop a great appreciation for the few good girlfriends that I had acquired. I found that solid girlfriend relationships not only made a great impact in my life but was also nothing short of a blessing. We as women have within us, natural God-given abilities to nurture, give life and be of help, not only to our mates & children but also to one another. These experiences and desires were the inspiration behind the creation of I created this website in order to give every woman equal access to this kind of sisterly bonding.

On the website each girlfriend members can contribute support in part, through her words of wisdom, advice; stories of inspiration; DIY, all by way of contributed video either of herself or from other sources. In our “Chatter Box” you can have one-on-one or group conversations through live video chatting on the topics of your choice. You can also create your own public or private groups, where you may find common interests with other members. You can even listen to special genre specific music that will uplift your spirits and soothe your soul.

Everyone knows that no women’s community would be complete without a place to shop. Yes, we have our very own Marketplace where you can shop, sell items or maybe give away items to a member in need. Girlfriends4life can serve as your inspiration or your lifeline.

Whether you have joined our community to give support or receive it, my hope is that you find girlfriends4life to be a life changing source of inspiration, positivity and true sisterhood.

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