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To create an account simply click “SIGN-UP “ at the top of the right
of the website and proceed to fill in the blanks and your account will be created. You will be sent an email to verify your account. Once done, you will be an active member.

Simply click on Account Settings at the top of the website, where you will be taken to an Account Subscription page. There you will see an option to Upgrade from a FREE membership to the VIP and its benefits. You will simply click on the word “Subscribe” and follow the prompts to become a VIP member.

Go to the HOME/PROFILE page; See MY MEDIA and choose VIDEOS; Click the Upload button and another window will appear; Follow the instructions to upload your video(s) from your computer.

No. Due to copyright laws only the Administrator of the website is able to Upload any and all Music.

Not currently….however, we are working on our mobile app that will soon be available for download on all iOS or Android devices.

Go to the Music page. At the bottom of the page you will see a link. You can request for a particular Song and your request will be received.

Go to your Profile picture at the top right of the website; Click on the drop down arrow; Type in the Girlfriend Members Profile name in the Search bar and proceed.

Girlfriends4life TV is the central place on the website for featured video segments that you can see from the category drop down list.

This section works in conjunction with the “Question of the Day” page. Please see instructions at the bottom of that page.

Go to your profile picture at the top right of the website; Click on Messages; Select Girlfriends; Click Requests.

Upon Login you will see a link to “Forgot my password; Click and proceed.

Simply go to your Profile picture at the top right of the website; Click the drop down arrow; Click profile; Choose Messages.

Go to your Profile picture at the top right of the website; Click the drop down arrow; Click profile; Choose Compose.

Go to your Profile picture on the top right of the website; Click the drop down arrow; Choose Profile and follow instructions;

Go the Girlfriends4life TV page; Go to the categories list and select “Put it On the Table.”

To have a question answered for the Put It On the Table segment, you must go to the “Question of the Day” page. This page is located under MORE on the navigation. Once on the page, simply type in your question and click submit at the bottom.

You may Sign-Up for Free and create a girlfriends4life Profile at no cost; Utilizethe basic functionalities of the website for 14 consecutive days. After 14-days you can choose to upgrade.

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We will delete your account if any of the following rules have been violated against a Girlfriend Member:

a) Verbal abuse, verbal threats or using malicious words toward another Member(s)
b) Posting nude or inappropriate pictures or images of yourself or another member
c) Make threatening comments
d) Bullying, making disrespectful comments or degrading postings.


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